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Hello, my name is Mia Chan. Even though I can give the impression of being insecure, I am really pretty happy to be here at SWAG Live! My mother is of the opinion that I need to increase the number of friends I have, so here I am, attempting to do so. Despite the fact that I am an adult and yet live alone, I have a very limited understanding of how partnerships work. I find guys to be quite interesting; what are their preferences? Automobiles? Females? Is it food? Is it possible that they are looking for a wonderful spouse with whom they may begin a family? What a lot of questions do I have!!! But before I step in, I think it's important for me to gain knowledge from my mistakes. Where could I possibly be more suitable to carry out this task than behind the screen of my computer? Are you interested in sending me a message or following me on my profile page? I have no idea what "stupid" things I could end up doing in the future!

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