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I will patiently await your arrival on my SWAG Live profile page; I am in search of a chivalrous companion. During the day, I strive to be the carefree and naughty girlfriend that you love. At night, however, I become a feral cat, full of ferocity and fury. I implore you not to hurt me if you do not love me. Your time and love are all I want. Even though I seem timid, when I'm with the right people, my vulnerabilities reveal themselves in a beautiful way. Reading encouraging comments makes me feel good—they're my weakness. Because I have a private life and a variety of interests, it's hard for me to keep secrets from the people I care about. If you're interested in delving into the depths of my being, I'll gladly welcome you. I like being mischievous, but before you make any inappropriate suggestions, please get to know me better.

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